TypeScript Mongo Codegen

Ryan P. Hansen6/20/2020, 12:00:00 AM

TypeScript Mongo Codegen

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This project generates types for a seamless integration between GraphQL and MongoDB.


yarn add ts-mongo-codegen


  "schema": "http://localhost:8082",
  "generates": {
    "./src/gql/types.ts": {
      "plugins": [


type Book @collection(name: "books") {
  id: ObjectId
  title: String
  author: String


import { connect } from 'ts-mongo-codegen'
import { mongoFactory } from '../gql/types'

export async function mongoStore(url: string, name: string) {
  const db = (await connect(url)).db(name)
  const datastore = mongoFactory(db)
  // datastore.books is a mongo collection
  return datastore

Upcoming Release

  • Augment your schema with CRUD operations for your collections.
  • Generate a changelog to keep a running list of changes to a document
  • Generate subscriptions

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